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Elastin Prevents Wrinkles

When you smile, do you worry about laugh lines? Frown, and worry about brow lines? You are not alone. Everyone over the age of puberty begins to lose elastin. And it’s this substance that directly leads to wrinkles and sagging loose skin.

So how do you reverse the loss of elastin?

Buy countless cosmetics? None will reverse elastin loss. Cosmetic surgery? That won’t reverse elastin loss either. Botox shots? You guessed it, won’t reverse elastin loss.


Elastin Prevents Wrinkles
Based on Dr. Burt Ensley’s research on the phenomenon of Scarless Healing1 and Tissue Regeneration2, Dermalastyl-β. contains Tropoelastin3, a product that will:

1. Supplement elastin levels in the skin’s surface.

 2. Reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and help prevent the onset of new wrinkles.

There is no other product sold today that contains human Tropoelastin. It is available to consumers only through this web site.

A Better, More Youthful Appearance!

Simply apply a small amount of Dermalastyl cream twice daily, and we guarantee you will notice a difference in thirty days. This specially formulated skin cream can be worn under makeup and blends quickly and smoothly into the skin, producing younger looking skin, reducing existing wrinkles and preventing new wrinkles from appearing.

Better than Botox® Alternatives

Other 'anti-aging' products rely heavily on the connection between peptides and collagen. Peptides are said to "reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles" by stimulating collagen production in the skin.  Those peptides rely on just six amino acids as their principal components.

Think of collagen as a kind of rope, strong but very stiff. Elastin acts as a rubber band, firmly pulling these stiff ropes of collagen fiber together.

DermaLastyl-β contains the same collagen stimulating peptides as the Botox alternatives, and also contains Tropoelastin. This unique ingredient has over 600 amino acids – 100 times more than the other products on the market today. So, not only do you get the amazing benefits of the first and only anti-aging product to reverse loose skin and wrinkles, but you get the added benefit of increased collagen production as well.

Remember, Dermalastyl is available through TBI Professionals,

Skin care professional MUST register with License number and/or FED ID Tax number to have access to the Professional Areas of this site.



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