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Collagenna 100% Soluble Marine  Collagen COLLAGENNA 100% SOLUBLE MARINE COLLAGEN
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Collagenna 100% Soluble Marine Collagen

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Collagenna 100% Soluble
Marine Collagen Products

Native soluble collagen of type I +, pure to 99.7%, is the most abundant collagen in the human body: it accounts for 90% of collagen. The skin is composed of 75% collagen of type I.

The native soluble collagen gel of type I liquefies at 34º C in order to penetrate in the pores of the skin and thus to provide a significant soluble native collagen inflow which has the following effects on the skin: reduces wrinkles, ultra hydrating, improves skin tone, helps healing, supports the growth of the cells of the skin, procures a bright and radiant complexion, gives ultra smooth and soft skin.

Collagen is a fibrous glycoprotein that can be compared to a re-enforcement. Collagen is a particularly representative structural protein which fashion organisms by contributing to their structure. Collagen is the most abounding protein of the organism. That fibrous protein, collagen, is most abundant in humans: it represents about one quarter (25 %) of weight. Collagen is notably essential in the process of healing. In aging, the body make less and less collagen.

TWO (2) FORMS OF COLLAGEN: Collagen comes in two forms: Soluble collagen
• Lots of water.
• Lots of tiny micro fibres.
• Specially used for derma-cares applications giving a beneficial effects on the mature skin by substitution of insoluble collagen.
Insoluble collagen
• Much less water.
• Larger fibres.
• Not recommended for derma-care applications because it does not penetrate stratum corneum.

COLLAGEN TYPE I: Collagen is a protein composed of three polypeptide linked Epidermal cell's chains. These three chains can combined themselves in different ways. In fact, we should refer to "collagens", and not about the collagen. Every type of collagen has its own structure and finds itself in particular organs.

Collagen type I is the most abundant collagen in the human body; it represents 90 % of the collagen. Collagen type I intervenes in the formation of the skin, of sinews (tendons), of bones, the cornea and the internal organs.
In derma-care applications, the soluble collagen type I is not specifically an active Soluble active collagen type I
ingredient but it acts true growth factors release which causes the proliferation of epidermis cells.




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